Saturday, October 31, 2009

Rascal Flatts Live in Concert

I just got home from this amazing concert that was tonight in Charleston SC as part of the Bob That Head Tour. These guys are simply amazing! Not only can they sing there lungs out, they are just really down to earth nice guys who in my opinion have not let there fame go to there head.

Now on to the amazing concert. I was so impressed. First of all the stage was huge. it was in the form of a rectangle and went way out in to the crowd so even if you were not sitting in the front row the guys were still singing right in front of you. The opening and closing of the concert were both huge, amazing and over the top. I will leave out the details in case any of you my readers are planning to go to one of the upcoming concerts on this amazing tour.

The guys sang all of there hits and some new songs as well. with some banter in between some of the songs that made you totally crack up! They thanked all of there fans for coming out and made a special note of the state of the economy taking note that they realize that everyone is having to watch there dime and that they are aware that purchasing concert tickets at this time may have been more of a challenge then in years past. I was really touched by this statement and their willingness to take the time to say thanks to there many fans!

This was such an amazing show. I wish I could go again and it is something that I will remember for a long time!

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