Saturday, October 31, 2009

100 Positive Self Affirmations for Love, Life and Work!

100 Positive Self Affirmations for Love, Life and Work!

List Compiled by Christy Hernandez

I am beautiful!
I am special!
I am loved!
I am worth it!
I am talented!
I am Smart!
You can do anything you want to!
Nothing is impossible.
I am an inspiration!
I am valuable.
I create my destiny daily!
I am in control of my own life
Every day in every way my life is becoming more and more of what it is meant to be
I am in control of my own healing.
People only have control over me for as long as I allow them to be
I am fearless!
I am adventurous.
I can overcome any challenge.
I am forgiving
I am open
I am caring.
I am a winner!
I can succeed
I can take control of my own life.
I can make a difference.
I can love.
I can let go of the past and move forward
I can change!
I can let go of my fears
I can let go of my guilt
I will stop beating myself up
I will become more loving to myself
I can be honest with my own feelings.
I will take care of myself
I will put myself first
I will not let anyone walk all over me
I will ask for what I need
I am brave
I will hold on
I can do it!
You always have choices
Life is about change
I will always remember to dream
I will be patient
I will be persistent
I will go the extra mile
I will find a way
I am funny
I choose to be happy
I choose to love myself and all my faults.
I choose to remember that with everything I do I have the opportunity to make a difference
I am my own unique self!
I bring peace into my life
I am in control of my thoughts
Today has limitless possibilities
I am a radiant light!
I have many options
I have control over my health
I am free to express who I really am.
Life is what you make of it!
I create my happiness!
I an creative
I will forgive myself and others.
I will move forward.
I will use my talents to bless others,
I will say I love you first.
I will succeed!
I will not stay stuck in the past.
I am generous.
I am giving.
I will be my own hero!
I will follow my heart!
I will listen to my inner voice
I will ask for support when I need it.
I will remember in every situation or circumstance God will make a way!
I will remain positive.
I will use the gifts God gave me
I will be honest
I will take risks.
I will remember that no one can change my life but me.
I will go first.
I am making a difference!
I can achieve anything!
All that I need is within me.
I choose to live from a place of joy and laughter.
I only have beliefs that support me.
Whatever I dream I can achieve.
Everyday is a step forward.
I am a leader
I walk with confidence.
I am bold.
I hold my head high and am proud of who I am and am becoming.
My future is now!
I allow my dreams to propel me to higher places!
I dream BIG!
I inspire to inspire!
I have no boundaries to what is possible!
I love my body!
I am a divine being!
I will shine my light daily!

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