Saturday, October 31, 2009

Camp Burnt Gin

Most of you are aware that I love this place so much. I have been attending this special place since 1992. Camp Burnt Gin has helped me to become who I am today and have the confidence to face a world that is really not meant for those who have a disability.

While at CBG every summer I have the amazing opportunity to be part of a group and participate in all of the activities instead of being an outsider.

Because of cuts in the state budget, CBG has lost all of it’s funding and for the first time since it’s opening in 1945 CBG will no longer be able to provide a summer camping experience to so many special needs children.

I believe in this program and not just because I have seen and experienced it with my own eyes but also because I want more children to be able to experience the fun and joy I experienced for all of these years!

To find out more about Camp Burnt Gin please visit

Together I know we can make a difference for so many!

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